Welcome to DOEL Fashion Co. Ltd.

DOEL Fashion Co. Ltd is a complete buying solution unit of our own & liaison manufacturing units; we are manufacturer & agent of garments also. We pride ourselves as a totally committed buying solution to match client's expectations putting us in an enviable position of being able to offer an unrivaled product range in garments. Our pro-active services are ranging from locating sources, qualifying suppliers, interfacing suppliers, business practices to local law opportunities.

Our main focus are high quality and one offering outstanding products to our customers and sticking to timely delivery schedules. DOEL Fashion Co. Ltd takes utmost care to ensure consistent high quality merchandises and regularly creates new patterns and accepts buyer's specifications. We have a strong supplier base for a wide range of merchandise from a number of established manufactures based in Dhaka and Chittagong. We have established liaisons with some of very well established manufactures who have vertical set up, good working conditions, financial capacity with sound knowledge of fabrics and garments production. We assist both the buyer and the seller-customer needs at the optimum point of supply and demand.